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Weight loss patches are a simple and easy way to lose weight without the concern of taking drops at scheduled times.

The weight loss patches can be worn for a maximum of 3-4 days.  After 3-4 days we recommend changing the weight loss patch to a new section of the body to minimize any skin irritation.

After 4 weeks on the weight loss patch you will need to give your body a break for at least 2 weeks.

You can wear the weight loss patch to bed, through the day but not in the shower, we recommend peeling it off before you shower and place back on original position once dry.

Weight loss patches the simple and easy way to lose weight.

Peel, Stick, Go



Weight Loss Patch Program

  1. Week 1 – Wear 2 patches for 7 days to increase levels in the blood
  2. Week 2 – Wear 1 patch for 7 days
  3. Week 3 – Wear 1 patch for 7 days
  4. Week 4 – Wear 1 patch for 7 days

Ingredients Weight Loss Patches:
All ingredient dilutions 12x3x60x.
Purified water. Organic grain alcohol.
L-Carnitine – transports fatty acids into cells to be burned for energy.
L-Ornithine – makes urea, which removes nitrogen and ammonia from the body, eliminating toxins.
L-Arginine – causes blood vessels to open wider for improved blood flow and helps the body to absorb nutrients.
Green tea Extract – lowers total cholesterol levels, is a powerful anti-oxidant, makes the body burns more calories.
Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf – decrease blood sugar and cravings. Good for sugar imbalances, such as diabetes and obesity.
Hoodia Stem – suppresses the appetite.
Stevia Leaf Extract – stimulates the secretion of insulin in the body and influences the way glucose is transferred and absorbed.
Chromium polynicotinate – a mineral that is involved in carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism.
Wild African Mango – super potent multivitamin, lowering cholesterol, speeding up the metabolism.
Also colloidal minerals from Humic shale – which contains 72 organic minerals along with plant nutrients.

2 reviews for Weight Loss Patches – 1 Month Supply

  1. :

    Best and easiest product i have used, as they say peel, stick, go.
    I lost 10 kgs using these and eating right.

  2. 5 out of 5


    So simple and no skin irritation.
    I have used the drops and they are great but sometimes i forgot to take them with my busy schedule.
    Now with weight loss patches i just stick them on my butt and away i go

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