Hcg Weight Loss Patch


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Product Description

HCG Patches

  • Pharmaceutical Grade HCG
  • More consistent Levels of HCG delivered
  • Australia’s #1 HCG Patch

For a more consistent level of Hcg a major weight loss hormone.

HCG weight loss patches are a great way to lose weight without the hassle of taking drops at scheduled times.

Just Peel, Stick & GO !

The HCG Patch Program

  1. Wear 2 patches for 1 week.  Replace patches every 3 days as potency will decrease.
  2. For the next 21 days wear 1 patch, replacing every 3 days.
  3. Stabilization Phase 1 – for 2 days no patch required.
  4.  Stabilization Phase 2 РNo Sugar, Starch or patches required.

Follow HCG Weight Loss Manual for diet tips and a more detailed program description.

HCG Manual


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